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The mission of DPPN is to provide leading infrastructures and phenotyping sciences for a wide range of plant traits related to roots, shoots and seed. Additionally phenotyping of phytopathological processes interfaces to “omics” technologies and methods for field phenotyping will be developed and implemented.

With the existing expertise and competence in the field of plant phenotyping, all three partners contribute to the development and implementation of a user-oriented portfolio of existing and new technologies for plant phenotyping. DPPN facilities address user groups interested in following research and development areas:

• High troughput phenotyping
• Field phenotyping
• Phenotyping portfolios
• Phenotyping of plant-pathogen interactions
• Bioinformatics

These special developed equipment at all DPPN locations are designated for potential users. These are not just limited to the planning and implementation of scientific projects , but also for breeding relevant issues or also for the optimization of equipments. Addressees for use are therefore scientific institutions but also breeding farms and relevant technology-oriented companies .
The spectrum ranges from the initiation of a project idea to already specifically designed projects. Before the concrete project implementation, a feasibility study will be created in any case. As part of this process is also the definition and allocation of project costs .

DPPN intends to develop basically non-invasive phenotyping technologies to be integrated in phenotyping platforms but give also advice to users with specific phenotyping demands.

The use of equipment and facilities is possible within the framework of bilateral cooperation after prior consultation with the respective DPPN partners. Requests should be directed to the respective DPPN partners.

In the submenus you have the option to find appropriate equipment and technologies either directly or through the traits, which can be examined by these technologies. In addition to each corresponding description of facilities and technologies you will find a contact person.
Different experiments require in principle a different amount of data analysis and data evaluation, which may need to be specified for each experiment in the feasibility study beforehand. To plan this individual effort of the direct contact with the contact persons listed under "Data Analysis" is recommended .

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