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DPPN Education Introduction

Plant phenotyping is a new and interdisciplinary research field, which needs “human resources” as a key for a successful future development. Phenotyping requires interaction with many other disciplines and thus needs to practically overcome the barriers between them. The integrated center approach of DPPN provides the expertise and facilities needed for the development of an integrative educational program.

The goal of DPPN is to offer a modular education concept comprising freely combinable theoretical and practical modules which can be adjusted to varying target groups (from academia to industry and breeders). Users of DPPN will be trained in plant phenotyping and transfer this knowledge into their home institutions.

Therefore different instruments are available as for example

  • workshops
  • summer schools
  • trainings
  • e-learning

To stay flexible enough to offer also tailor made education activities DPPN develops its education modules using two different approaches:

Top-down approach: After collecting and evaluating already existing education activities of the DPPN partners, single modules are developes which will be tested DPPN internally first. These modules provide the fundamentals for summer schools, workshops, trainings and e-learning activities.

Bottom-up approach: DPPN also cooperates with external institutes for specific education modules. It is also possible to develope education modules on the basis of existing education activities of the DPPN partners. Any resulting costs have to be discussed individually.

Übersicht der zwei unterschiedlichen Entwicklungsansätze für DPPN AusbildungsmoduleOverview of the two different approaches for the developement of DPPN education modules

First concrete education activities, comprising theoretical and practical modules, have already taken place:

DPPN LI6400/LI6800 gas exchange workshop

4th Call for Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM) in Frame of COST FA1306

Training Workshop on Data Management, organized by the German Crop BioGreenformatics Network

EMBO: Insights into plant biological processes through phenotyping, 13.-19.09.2015

2nd BARLOMICS Summer School in IPK Gatersleben, 14.-17.09.2015

Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping (CVPPP), Swansea UK 2015

Root Phenotyping WINTER SCHOOL November 2015 in Jülich

Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping (CVPPP, 2014, Vienna)

Master Course Greece (2014, Greece)

NSTDA: Training on Plant Phenotyping: High Throughput Root Phenotyping (2014, Thailand)

DPPN supports EPPN Spring School in Aberystwyth on

General meeting of the COST Action FA1306: phenotyping at a plant and cellular level

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