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DPPN will establish infrastructure and methods for mechanistic, high throughput and field phenotyping based on concept and methodological studies as well as optimation and upscaling apaproaches within module 1. DPPN will provide a basis for phenotyping of wide range of traits related to roots, shoots and seed. Additionally phenotyping of phytophatological processes, interfaces to „omics“ technilogies and, semi-controlled field equipment and a portfolio of methods for field phenotyping will be established

The Technology Platforms include:

  1. Technology Platform >>POPULATION

  2. Technology Platform >>ROOT

  3. Technology Platform >>SHOOT

  4. Technology Platform >>SEED

  5. Technology Platform >>PATHO

  6. Technology Platform >>COMPOSITION

  7. Technology Platform >>FIELD

  8. Technology Platform >>TECHNO

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Grant-Number: 031A053A/B/C