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DPPN Modules

DPPN Modules

Module 1INFRASTRUCTUREdevelopment and implementation of technologies, tools and approaches for high throughput, mechanistic and field phenotyping by the DPPN institutions
Module 2ACCESSaccess of academic and industrial users to the DPPN infrastructure
Module 3NEW TECHNOLOGIES (NT)development of new technologies related to phenotyping.
Module 4COMMUNICATION (COM)communication with academic and industrial users to assess the needs and requirements for phenotyping as well as discussions with other disciplines to integrate novel approaches in e.g. sensors, robotics, or information technologies into plant phenotyping
Module 5EDUCATION (EDU):training of students and senior researchers with a focus on the interdisciplinary character of plant phenotyping
Module 6COORDINATION (COORD)coordination and strategic planning of the DPPN nodes and organization of the interaction of DPPN actors

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